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Troubleshooting: Connecting a CameraLink to a SlingStudio hotspot

Having trouble connecting your CameraLink device to your SlingStudio hotspot? Here are a few pointers.

The SlingStudio CameraLink device is essentially a Wi-Fi transmitter that lets you use an HDMI camera as a SlingStudio video source

To do that, connect an HDMI camera to the CameraLink, and then pair the CameraLink to the SlingStudio hotspot. (Below, there's a link to an article that can help you with pairing.)

If you're having trouble connecting your CameraLink to your SlingStudio hotspot, here are some things to take a look at:

  • First things first: If the CameraLink won't even power up, connect it to a USB charger. (Make sure that it's a charger that you know works properly.) Give the CameraLink a sufficient charge.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the USB charger offers sufficient power for the CameraLink device. See the article How do I charge my SlingStudio CameraLink?, linked below, for more information.
  • If you've not yet paired the CameraLink to the SlingStudio hotspot, see the article How do I add a CameraLink video source?, linked below, to make sure that you're doing it correctly.
    (Once you pair your CameraLink to the SlingStudio hotspot, you shouldn't have to do it again, unless you tell the SlingStudio hotspot to "forget" the CameraLink.)
  • If you have already paired the CameraLink to the SlingStudio hotspot, and it is not automatically reconnecting on a subsequent use, try manually connecting it again.
  • If the CameraLink still doesn't automatically connect, try restarting the SlingStudio unit itself.
  • Still no luck with automatic connecting? Try "forgetting" the CameraLink from the SlingStudio hotspot, and then manually connecting it again.
  • If you can't get the CameraLink to connect to the SlingStudio hotspot at all, there might be excessive Wi-Fi interference in that location. Try a different location, even if it's not where you plan to produce your project, just to see if it makes a difference.
  • Check that the SlingStudio hotspot is working properly. Are you able to connect any other video sources to it?
  • If the Wi-Fi connections seem to check out, but you're not able to have the HDMI camera produce a video image, try a different HDMI video cable. Make sure that the camera is able to work properly on its own, without connecting it to the CameraLink.
  • Finally: Make sure that the HDMI camera's lens cap is off!

As a last resort, try performing a "factory reset" of the CameraLink device

If none of these steps help, and you're sure that the problem is not poor signal strength or Wi-Fi interference, then consider performing a factory reset of the CameraLink device. After doing that, you must re-pair the CameraLink with your SlingStudio hub.

For instructions, see the article link below: How do I reset my CameraLink?

What if the CameraLink connects, but it is not available in the SlingStudio Console app under VIDEO SOURCES?

Is the CameraLink device's battery very low? Has it informed you (in Settings under My CameraLink) that it needs a firmware update?

If the CameraLink has very low battery (the charge level is 10 percent or less) then the CameraLink is not able to perform any firmware update that is needed. Without the firmware update, the CameraLink doesn't appear as a video source.

The solution:

  1. Charge the CameraLink device's battery beyond the 10 percent level—the more the better.
  2. Tap the SlingStudio Console app Settings icon (it looks like a gear).
  3. Tap My CameraLink.
  4. Follow the onscreen directions to update the CameraLink firmware.

The CameraLink should then work properly as a video source.

If you are still not able to resolve the problem, contact SlingStudio customer support for assistance.

Help with pairing your CameraLink device

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