Professional multi-camera production and live video broadcasting made easy

"SlingStudio makes multi-camera production so damn easy."

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Professional multi-camera production and live video broadcasting made easy

SlingStudio makes multi-camera production so damn easy.

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The SlingStudio Solution

With SlingStudio's video-grade wireless technology, you can connect a combination of up to 10 professional cameras, camcorders and even smartphones. SlingStudio’s robust wireless technology operates with minimal interference at distances up to 300 feet – without cables – greatly reducing your setup time.

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Leave your cables at home

With the SlingStudio Battery and an iPad® by your side, you can synchronize your cameras and record and add video transitions – all without the need for cables and Internet.

  • portable
    A new perspective

    Open up the possibility for new angles and more creative projects. SlingStudio is battery-operated, requires no cables, and at just under 3 pounds, can be used almost anywhere.

  • wireless
    Simplify your setup

    Greatly reduce your setup time by freeing yourself from cables. Our robust wireless technology operates at distances up to 300 feet.

  • pro quality
    High production, low cost

    No need to compromise the quality you're used to. SlingStudio produces video in HD resolutions up to 1080p60 at bit rates up to 30 Mbps using H.264 encoding.

  • live broadcasting
    Connect with your audience

    With the touch of a button, you can broadcast your live-switched, multi-camera SlingStudio production to Facebook, YouTube and other sites in HD.*

    *Support for other content-sharing websites coming soon.

Turn your iPad into a portable production studio

With the free SlingStudio Console app for iPad, your production studio sits right in your hands. Broadcast live and wow your viewers on Facebook and YouTube with cool transitions and camera angles, including picture-in-picture and a quad view.

  • Broadcast live

    With the press of a button, broadcast your live-switched program to Facebook or YouTube in HD.

    Facebook Live YouTube Live
  • Mix and monitor audio

    Mix and adjust audio levels from all of your inputs, including line-in audio.

  • NEW: Insert text and graphic overlays

    Add image and text overlays, custom lower-thirds, titles, scores and more on the fly.

  • Live-switch

    Easily switch from Camera 1 to Camera 4, then back to Camera 1 in real time.

  • Add effects

    Use transitions like cut, dissolve and wipe as you switch from one camera to another.

  • Monitor video

    View each camera’s angle, lighting and more from your iPad.


Post-production has never
been easier

Say goodbye to storage wrangling. With SlingStudio and a supported storage device, recordings from each synchronized camera – plus the live-switched video you edited on location – are all stored in one place. Then you're free to use your favorite video-editing and post-production tools.

Adobe Premier
post production

Capture every angle

When connected to SlingStudio, drones add an exciting new dimension to your multi-camera videos, with unique angles and breathtaking aerial shots. Best of all, SlingStudio gives drone pilots much-needed mobility while making it easy for you to live-switch between drone cameras and ground cameras – all without cables.

One solution for every
video need

Whatever you create video for, SlingStudio is designed to improve your workflow and overall production. The possibilities are endless. See for yourself...

  • TechCrunch Review
  • All Eyez on Me World Premiere
Sling Media, the Dish Network subsidiary that brought us the Slingbox, is back — with a product no one expected, but some will surely appreciate.

The target customer base includes schools, churches, startups, companies looking to live-stream corporate events, as well as local TV stations that haven’t figured out how to produce good-looking Facebook Live streams. All of that makes sense, and SlingStudio also worked effortlessly during a recent demo for Variety.

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Maybe the most interesting accessory is the CameraLink, though, which allows you to turn any camera with an HDMI output into a wireless camera for your setup.

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The special sauce is SlingStudio's compression, which lets it wirelessly transfer up to 30 megabits per second of 1080p video from the cameras to the SlingStudio and then sends an 8Mbps stream out over the internet... One of the best tricks, though, is that it stores the mixed as well as raw video assets as a project file...





The industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcast platform. Monitor, record, switch, edit and broadcast live HD-quality video wirelessly to Facebook or YouTube. It's portable, affordable and easy to use.