One solution for every video need

Whatever you create video for, SlingStudio will improve your workflow and overall production.
The possibilities are endless. See for yourself...

SlingStudio for Professional Videographers

Quicker setups, improved productivity

Whether you’re working on a project for a corporation, organization or wedding, SlingStudio can make your life easier by adding a new dimension to your business. With reduced costs and setup times, SlingStudio allows you to just focus on creating magic.

SlingStudio for Houses of Worship

A crew of two

For broadcasting a live service or recording a sermon, SlingStudio makes your videos more dynamic by capturing multiple angles of the speaker, the choir, the congregation and more. Best of all, it helps you do it all yourself, without the need for a big budget.

SlingStudio for Sports

Every angle matters

From high school games to performance training to sports evaluation, SlingStudio is a must-have in the world of sports. And with multiple angles and a quad view being recorded or broadcasted live, both the fans and players will be asking you to see the highlights.

SlingStudio for Web Videos

All sides of the story

Multi-angle views are one of the things that make videos super cool these days. But multi-camera projects require a lot of equipment, money and time. SlingStudio makes multi-camera accessible to everyone – no matter your budget, crew or dedicated time.

SlingStudio for Schools

Capturing the school spirit

Now your school can host live, multi-angle broadcasts of the classroom, pep rallies, special performances, club activities – whatever’s going on that week. And at the center of it all is SlingStudio.

SlingStudio for Broadcast

Expanding your audience

SlingStudio empowers freelance broadcasters, allowing them to achieve the kind of big productions that only professional studios have been able to do. SlingStudio is the ideal solution for community TV producers who want to record and broadcast local events without making a huge investment.

SlingStudio for Corporations

Meet the new VIP

Take corporate events to the next level by broadcasting quarterly meetings from multiple angles and with minimal effort. SlingStudio makes it easy for your company to create live-switched, multi-angle video from almost anywhere.

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