SlingStudio Video Gallery


TechCrunch Review

"Sling has created something that lowers the barrier to entry for full live-switched productions, and it's awesome... Just being able to fit the whole thing in a backpack, and set up and switch a shoot quickly and edit it is a game-changer. If you're running a small production company, it's gonna save you time and money on post-production."

cheesy cam logo Review

“To me, the new SlingStudio is one of the most innovative products shown at NAB2017, and i'm lucky to have a set to review prior to their official release!”

Urbanist Review

“The SlingStudio connects up 10 cameras, which could be a combination of smartphones and DSLRs, all wirelessly and controlled from a tablet! After one use, I'm already blown away by its ease of use and can't wait to find other interesting ways to make multi-camera livestreams.”

Together In Style Review

“I am solo, and live-switching and viewing all of the angles from an iPad mini 4, and monitoring the angles out of the HDMI-out port on the SlingStudio hub.”

DIY Video Guy Review

“Beyond needing the proper HDMI or SDI cables run to all the cameras I needed a person switching camera angles, another person running an audio mixer board, an expensive piece of livestreaming software, everything set to the same frame rate, and more.

Now there is a better solution for running a multi-cam livestream, by yourself, without any wires, using only an iPad. It is pretty incredible and it is called SlingStudio.”

How people are using SlingStudio

Na Leo Live In Concert

This video was shot at Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center. Four Panasonic AGUx90 camcorders were mounted on tripods and positioned around the concert hall – one 200 feet away from the SlingStudio unit, one in the balcony, and another 100 feet away. The fourth camcorder was connected via HDMI to the SlingStudio unit onstage, which was also mounted on a tripod. For audio, the XLR input from the house mixer was connected directly to one of the Panasonic camcorders.

After the event, post-production was streamlined by taking the SD card from the SlingStudio unit (which had the four video files plus the live-switched file) and dropping those files directly into Adobe Premiere’s timeline.

Cheesycam iPod Touch® Streaming

CheesyCam tests SlingStudio's streaming capabilities using a 6th-generation iPod touch.

Cheesycam Sketching Demonstration

CheesyCam tests SlingStudio’s wireless capabilities using multiple iPod touch cameras under low-light conditions.

All Eyez on Me World Premiere

This video was shot and streamed live on CodeBlack Life’s Facebook page. Three Panasonic AGUx90 cameras (all positioned about 100 feet from the SlingStudio unit) were mounted on tripods. The fan cam was an iPhone® 6 Plus that was located about 100 feet from the SlingStudio unit. For audio, an XLR mic was connected to each camera.

Urbanist Live Talk Show

Watch Urbanist’s first-ever livestreamed talk show using SlingStudio. With special guests the Nowhere Men and Jennifer of The Travel Women, the discussion ranges from pizza-making to the meaning of travel.