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SlingStudio Software Downloads

Download the latest versions of the SlingStudio apps and post-production plugins.

  • SlingStudio Console app

    Mac: * Download
    * Requires MacOS 10.14 or above.
    ** For MacOS 10.13 or below, please use Console app version 1.8.215 ( Download)
  • SlingStudio Capture app

  • SlingStudio Premiere Extension





  • SlingStudio Converter for
    Final Cut Pro

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BROCHURE Refereeing/Officiating

Update 29: June 9, 2021

SlingStudio Console app (iPad): v1.8.419

  • Upgraded to latest version of Xcode.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update 28: May 4, 2021

SlingStudio Console app (Mac): v1.8.316

  • Updated to latest version of Facebook SDK.

Update 27: February 17, 2021

SlingStudio Console app (iPad): v1.8.416

  • Hotfix for graphics import.

Update 26: February 11, 2021

SlingStudio Console app (Mac): v1.8.313

  • Updated to latest version of YouTube API; fixes YouTube streaming issues.

Update 25: February 5, 2021

SlingStudio Console app (iPad): v1.8.413

  • SlingStudio Console app (iPad): v1.8.413
  • Hotfix for YouTube streaming integration.

Update 24: January 22, 2021

SlingStudio Console app (iPad): v1.8.412

  • Adds support for iOS dark mode.
  • Fixes issues with loading some types of graphics.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Update 23: December 15, 2020

SlingStudio Console app (Mac): v1.8.311

SlingStudio Console app (iPad): v1.8.410

  • Updated to latest version of YouTube API; fixes YouTube streaming issues.
  • Minor changes to YouTube streaming workflow.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Update 22: October 8, 2020

SlingStudio Console app (Mac): v1.8.250

  • Updated to latest versions of third-party SDKs.
  • Minor updates and performance improvements.

Update 21: June 26, 2020

SlingStudio Console app (iPad): v1.8.391

  • Hotfix for Facebook API changes; resolves issues streaming to custom pages.

Update 20: May 19, 2020

SlingStudio Premiere Extension (Windows & Mac): 1.5.170

  • Bug fix for importing project files.

Update 19: February 5, 2020​

SlingStudio Converter for Apple Final Cut Pro (Mac): v1.5.50

  • Bug fixes

Update 18: December 19, 2019

SlingStudio Premiere Extension (Windows & Mac): 1.5.160

  • Adds support for Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (14.0)

Update 17: October 25, 2019

SlingStudio Console App iPad: 1.8.371

Console App Updates
  • Bug fix for iPad OS: Fixed crash issue while scrolling graphic assets.

Update 16: September 19, 2019

SlingStudio Console App iPad: 1.8.351

Console App Updates
  • Adds support for iOS 13.

Update 15: May 22, 2019

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.8.236

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.8.215 ( DOWNLOAD. * Only recommended for users experiencing compatibility issues.)

Console App Updates
  • Minor bug fixes

Update 14: April 17, 2019

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.8.206

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.8.210

Console App Updates
  • Workflow enhancements
    • Ability to continue livestreaming when storage becomes full, storage is removed, or storage device experiences error
    • Ability to start recording when user inserts storage (without creating new project)
    • Reminder to record when beginning live stream
    • Live broadcast health indicator
    • Extended upload speed test
  • Added support for RTMPS to use with Facebook and other streaming platforms/destinations
  • Added ability to assign static IP address to SlingStudio Hub
  • Added ability to playback recordings while still actively recording
  • Minor bug fixes

Update 13: December 11, 2018

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.7.626

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.7.640

New Console App Features
  • Coach & Referee Review
  • Quick Start Project Defaults
Minor Updates
  • Added support for WPA Enterprise & WPA2 Enterprise
  • User interface improvements
  • Other minor bug fixes

Plugin – Adobe Premiere Pro: v1.5.145

  • Minor bug fixes

Update 12: November 12, 2018

Plugin – Adobe Premiere Pro: v1.5.130

  • Minor bug fixes

Update 11:
Second release with bug fixes (October 31, 2018)
First release (October 18, 2018)

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.7.81

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.7.70

New Console App Features
  • Vimeo integration added
  • Configurable keyframe interval in custom RTMP mode
  • Improvements to live broadcasting and internet connectivity workflows
Minor Updates
  • User interface improvements
  • CameraLink firmware bug fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

Update 10: September 21, 2018

Plugin – Adobe Premiere Pro: v1.5.110

  • Minor refinements
  • Bug fixes
  • Compatibility with latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Update 9: August 16, 2018

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.6.101

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.6.100

SlingStudio Capture App iOS: v1.2.27

New Console App Features

  • Chroma Key - Use chroma key (green screen) in your productions
  • Motion Graphics - Import your own motion graphic overlays using chroma keying
  • Auto-Switching - Switch between video sources automatically using custom time intervals or voice-activated switching.
  • Video Conferencing / Low-Delay Mode - Special low-delay mode optimized for teleconferencing with a remote location.

Console App Enhancements

  • Ability to reorder video sources
  • No storage device (SD/USB) needed for live streaming without recording
  • Instant replay intervals increased up to 10 minutes
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Update 8: July 30, 2018

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.5.125

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.5.130

  • Updated for compatibility with Facebook Live API changes effective August 1, 2018, required for streaming live video to Facebook. View additional details.

Update 7: June 21, 2018

Plugin – Adobe Premiere Pro: v1.5.80

  • Minor refinements

Update 6: May 24, 2018

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.5.81

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.5.120

Plugin – Adobe Premiere Pro: v1.5.60

Plugin – Final Cut Pro: v1.5.40

  • Highlights & Tagging – Create highlight clips by tagging special moments on the fly.
  • Custom Scoreboard – Create custom scoreboard overlays using your own graphics and team logos.
  • "Using SlingStudio for Sports" KB article published featuring tips & tricks, best practices, and third-party solutions.

Mac Release 2: March 20, 2018

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.4.85

  • SlingStudio Console app released for Mac
    • Available on supported Mac devices running MacOS Sierra (10.12.x) and High Sierra (10.13.x).
    • This release supports the following features making it equivalent to iPad Console v1.4.101 (Update 5: January 18, 2018).
      • Video file playback
      • Preview/program swap
      • Instant replay
      Hardware and OS requirements for Mac »
      SlingStudio Compatibility »

Mac Release 1: February 15, 2018

SlingStudio Console App Mac: v1.0.12

    • The SlingStudio Console app is now available on supported Mac devices running MacOS Sierra (10.12.x) and High Sierra (10.13.x).
    • Key differences between this release and iPad v1.4.101 release are:
      • This release does NOT support following features:
        • Video file playback
        • Preview/program swap
        • Instant replay
      • This release includes support for keyboard shortcuts

Update 5: January 18, 2018

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.4.101

  • Minor changes to support app availability outside the U.S.
  • For more details on latest features/improvements, please see details from Update 4 (Console app v1.4.91) below.

Update 4: January 16, 2018

SlingStudio Console App iPad: v1.4.91

Plugins – Adobe Premiere Pro: v1.4.7

Plugin – Final Cut Pro: v1.4.7

  • Instant Replay
    • Set a programmable duration of up to one minute and easily launch your program replay at 1x, 1/2x or 1/4x speeds.
  • Swap Preview/Program
    • Provides a faster and more convenient way to switch between Preview and Program windows using a single click, in addition to regular drag-and-drop switching option.
  • Facebook 1080p Support
    • Added support for uploading and recording at Pro30 (1080p30) and Television (1080p30) modes in addition to Internet (720p30) production mode. Note: At this time, Facebook only supports streaming at 720p30.
  • New Video Clip Playback Options
    • Queue up and play two clips one after another, automatically play clips when pushing to program, push preview video to program at end of clip, and additional audio options like muting other sources when playing clips.
  • Added 4K support to SlingStudio extension for Adobe Premiere on Windows
    • Create a new program recording in 4K, in higher bit rates, or with higher quality video codecs by replacing your SlingStudio input recordings with native camera recordings. Feature previously available on Mac.

Update 3: November 16, 2017

SlingStudio Console App: v1.3.89

Plugins – Adobe Premiere Pro: v1.3.12

Plugin – Final Cut Pro: v1.3.12

  • 4K video upgrade for post-production
    • Easily create a higher-quality program recording – Create a new program recording in 4K, in higher bit rates, or with higher quality video codecs using the SlingStudio plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X. The higher-quality program recording is automatically created by aligning the audio between the SlingStudio input recordings and the native camera recordings. Additionally, all of your graphics and cuts are automatically applied – saving you hours of hand-tuning and re-editing.
  • Video import for live production
    • Use prerecorded video as a source for pre-roll, post-roll, ads, bumpers, etc. – Add prerecorded videos to your live production by importing MP4 and MOV files from supported SD cards and USB drives. This feature conveniently lets you use prerecorded video as a source from within the Console app without using up one of SlingStudio's four switchable video sources.
  • Adjustable audio delay
    • Synchronize your audio and video - Manually delay line-in audio up to 330 milliseconds to sync it with its corresponding video. This feature is helpful when using an HDMI-connected camera that has a built-in delay.
  • Improved workflow for graphic import
    • Choose to save imported graphics internally – When adding a graphic to a project from external storage, graphics are no longer copied automatically to the SlingStudio Hub's internal storage – you can now choose to do so within your project.

Update 2: August 23, 2017

iOS Console app v1.2.59

SlingStudio Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC v1.2.2

SlingStudio Converter for Apple Final Cut Pro X v1.2.2

IMPORTANT : To use the newest SlingStudio features with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X, you must download the latest SlingStudio Converter app for Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, as older versions do not support the latest SlingStudio features.

  • Custom RTMP for live broadcasting
    • Stream to Twitter, Periscope, Livestream, Ustream and more – Broadcast your live-switched program output to multiple destinations that support RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), expanding your broadcast power beyond Facebook and YouTube. You can even simultaneously broadcast your program output to multiple destinations using a service like
  • Public and hidden network connectivity
    • Connect to Wi-Fi from almost anywhere – Connect to most hidden and public Wi-Fi networks that require second-level authentication, making it easier to broadcast from locations like hotels and coffee shops.
  • New and improved video transitions
    • Enhance your production – Now you can fade to black and fade from black, as well as set the duration of programmable video transitions (dissolve, wipe, and fade) between 0.5 and 5 seconds.
  • Configurable HDMI output settings
    • Extend your workflow – Change the resolution and colorspace of your live-switched HDMI output, adding flexibility and interoperability with multiple devices in your workflow, such as encoders.
  • Logo and watermark pinning
    • Brand and protect your production – Pin images such as logos and watermarks and have them display throughout your live-switched program output, even when switching between video sources.
  • Schedule posts for Facebook groups and events
    • Now you can schedule live video posts for Facebook groups and Facebook events, in addition to Facebook pages.
  • Easier switching among 10 sources
    • Quickly drag and drop a video source from the Standby list (showing up to 6 additional video sources) to the Monitored list (showing up to 4 switchable video sources).
  • Improved project workflow
    • Enhanced bit-rate recommendations for live-broadcasting your program output in environments with variable Internet connection speeds.
  • Improved dashboard
    • Better Hotspot Quality Indicator for your video source connections to SlingStudio.
  • Improved formatting
    • Optimized storage and increased recording speed when reformatting SD cards and USB drives.

Update 1: July 18, 2017

Console app v1.1.121

iOS Capture app v1.1.71

Android Capture app v1.1.0

IMPORTANT : To use these new features, make sure you download the new versions of both the Console and Capture apps for all devices you're using with SlingStudio.

Console app

  • Custom graphic insertion – Insert, resize and change the transparency of your own JPG and PNG graphics – including logos, lower-thirds, profile pics, ads and background images – and overlay them on your live program feed.
  • Big-screen display without delay – With our no-latency HDMI passthrough mode, the live viewing experience on a projection screen has been enhanced so that your video is synced with the house audio.

Capture app for Android smartphones

  • Support for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Google Pixel/Pixel XL, LG V20 and Motorola Moto Z Force/Z Play Droid support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above

Console and Capture app

  • Various bug fixes for improved performance

First Release: May 16, 2017

Console app v1.0.61

iOS Capture app v1.0.61

Android Capture app v1.0.1

SlingStudio Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro v1.0.1

SlingStudio Converter for Final Cut Pro v1.0.1

  • Initial release