SlingStudio Console update coordinates with August 2018 Facebook API updates

Here's some info on the SlingStudio Console app that has been updated for the August 2018 Facebook API updates.

As part of its efforts to address data protection for its users, Facebook released an update to its API software on August 1, 2018. Along with that, Sling Media updated SlingStudio Console to work with this Facebook update.

That update to SlingStudio Console is available now.

IMPORTANT: Older versions of the SlingStudio Console app no longer work with Facebook Live streaming.

  • Workaround: If for some reason you cannot update your SlingStudio Console app, then you can set up a custom RTMP stream within SlingStudio Console. (For more information about doing that, see Setting up custom RTMP streams for popular live-streaming destinations, linked below.)

Best solution: Update to the latest version of the SlingStudio Console app. This ensures that both native Facebook support, and Custom RTMP support, are available to you.

Here's where you can download the latest version of SlingStudio Console for your device(s):

  • SlingStudio Console app for Apple iPad: Download it here from the Apple App Store.
  • SlingStudio Console app for Apple Mac: Download from

Important: For now, from the Console app, you can only access Facebook Pages that you have created, or those to which you have administrator access. Live streaming to Facebook Groups is expected to be supported in a future Facebook release.

Facebook no longer allows live streaming to Facebook Events.

More information on the custom RTMP workaround:

Setting up custom RTMP streams for popular Livestreaming destinations