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Sling Media releases SlingStudio nationwide

FOSTER CITY, Calif., May 22, 2017 – Sling Media today announced the availability of its SlingStudio™ multi-camera production and live video broadcasting system in-store and online at B&H Photo Video, as well as Sling Media L.L.C. is a subsidiary of DISH Network Corp.

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Introducing SlingStudio: The new bar in professional-grade multi-camera production and live video broadcasting

LAS VEGAS, April 24, 2017 – Sling Media L.L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corp., delivered a new standard in multi-camera and live video production with the introduction of its groundbreaking SlingStudio™ system. Starting at $999, SlingStudio is the industry's first affordable, wireless, portable multi-camera production solution that lets users of all skill levels record, monitor and edit four HD video inputs from up to 10 connected cameras and smartphones. SlingStudio can output live video to streaming services like Facebook Live and YouTube, and simultaneously record to a USB hard drive, USB SSD or SD card for post-production.

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Press contact

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What the media is saying...

"Sling Media, the Dish Network subsidiary that brought us the Slingbox, is back — with a product no one expected, but some will surely appreciate."
“The target customer base includes schools, churches, startups, companies looking to live-stream corporate events, as well as local TV stations that haven’t figured out how to produce good-looking Facebook Live streams. All of that makes sense, and SlingStudio also worked effortlessly during a recent demo for Variety.”


"Maybe the most interesting accessory is the CameraLink, though, which allows you to turn any camera with an HDMI output into a wireless camera for your setup."


“The special sauce is SlingStudio's compression, which lets it wirelessly transfer up to 30 megabits per second of 1080p video from the cameras to the SlingStudio and then sends an 8Mbps stream out over the internet... One of the best tricks, though, is that it stores the mixed as well as raw video assets as a project file..."


"I could see the SlingStudio being a good option for anyone that hopes to step up their video game. I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube broadcasters ended up using it to make their livestreams seem more professional."
“Its big appeal is flexibility: You don't need a ton of pro-grade equipment to get a multi-camera video anymore, just a DSLR or two, along with a few smartphones.”


"While the SlingStudio may seem like a strange pivot for a company best known for letting you watch TV and movies over the internet, the Studio is really just another application of its top-notch video streaming expertise."

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