Multi-camera magic in minutes

All in one

SlingStudio connects all of your video sources by creating a private video-grade wireless network that allows multiple devices – including professional cameras and smartphones – to synchronize and broadcast live video in HD.


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The cost and inconvenience of production monitoring may discourage professional and amateur videographers, but its function is vital. Using SlingStudio's HDMI output and the Console app, you can check lighting, angles, focus and color.

The Console app also includes confidence playback, which allows you to play back your recording locally without having to remove your storage. You even get a VU meter to monitor and ride audio levels for each input – all from your iPad®.

Live editing and broadcasting

With SlingStudio, almost anyone can be a director. Live-switching, live-editing and live-broadcasting HD multi-camera video from your iPad couldn't be easier. You can also import your own graphics and create text overlays, lower-thirds, titles and scores – all in real time. Take a look at our Console app, which makes it all possible.

Console app

The free SlingStudio Console app* effectively turns your iPad into your portable production studio, allowing you to act as director and producer simultaneously. LEARN MORE

*Available only for the iPad mini 4, iPad Air® 2 and iPad Pro® at the Apple App Store.

Capture app

Adding another option for multi-camera wireless connectivity, the free SlingStudio Capture app allows smartphones to connect to SlingStudio and stream in full HD. The app is available for supported Apple and Android phones at the respective app stores. Click here for smartphone compatibility.

Take your multi-camera productions to new heights with drones

When connected to SlingStudio, drones add an exciting new dimension to your multi-camera videos, with unique angles and breathtaking aerial shots. Best of all, SlingStudio gives drone pilots much-needed mobility while making it easy for you to live-switch between drone cameras and ground cameras – all without cables.

drone with SlingStudio
  • Mix and match – Wirelessly connect your drone and ground cameras to SlingStudio to capture a variety of views.

  • Fly freely – With a connected CameraLink, drone pilots are free to move around without being bound by the limits of switcher-connected cables.

  • Show it off on location – Output your live program to a big-screen TV to impress onlookers on site.

  • Easy syncing in post – Having no switcher and audio from drone cameras would normally cause a headache in post-production, but not with SlingStudio. Shave hours off your post-production setup with SlingStudio’s automatic timeline alignment in Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.




The industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcast platform. Monitor, record, switch, edit and broadcast live HD-quality video wirelessly to Facebook or YouTube. It's portable, affordable and easy to use.