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SlingStudio announces 4K video support, live production enhancements and custom RTMP features

  • Enables live streaming in HD with seamless conversion to native 4K in post-production
  • Simplifies pre-existing video import and custom graphic insertion during production
  • Livestreams content to custom RTMP sites like Twitch, Periscope and more
  • At $999, SlingStudio offers affordability and accessibility to video users of all skill levels

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Oct. 23, 2017– SlingStudio today unveiled new features to further bolster its multi-camera video production capabilities, including 4K video support, live production enhancements and custom RTMP for live broadcasting. These features will be available for download to new and existing SlingStudio units. SlingStudio is the industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera video production and livestreaming platform by Sling Media L.L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corp.

"SlingStudio continues to give content creators more power in producing high-quality productions with efficiency, flexibility and ease of use," said Paddy Rao, senior vice president of product development at Sling Media. "With the newest features, users have greater editing control to strengthen the visual and audio production quality of their content."

New SlingStudio features
The following new features will provide SlingStudio users enhanced capabilities in multi-camera production:

4K video support: Livestream a production in HD and seamlessly convert to camera's native 4K resolution in post-production, using Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro® X. All effects, transitions and cuts from the SlingStudio Console app will be automatically retained, saving hours of re-editing.

Live production enhancements: Upgrades to live production capabilities include pre-existing video import and custom graphic insertion. Pre-existing video import enables users to easily access pre-recorded video as a source inside the SlingStudio Console app, instead of a separate computer or video player that occupies one of SlingStudio's four switchable video sources. This makes it easier for content producers to incorporate pre-recorded video into live broadcasts in real time.

Custom graphic insertion allows users to insert, resize and change the transparency of custom JPG and PNG graphics – including logos, lower-thirds, profile picture, ads and background images – and overlay them on a live program feed. Images can be imported from SD cards and USB drives and saved within the Console app for later use to create streamlined, high-quality visual edits.

Custom RTMP for live broadcasting: Users can expand their live-switched program output beyond Facebook and YouTube to custom destinations that support RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), such as Twitch, Twitter/Periscope, Livestream and Ustream. Custom RTMP also allows users to increase the visibility of their live programs by simultaneously streaming footage to multiple sites via RTMP-supported services like

Custom graphic insertion and custom RTMP for live broadcasting are now available to users. 4K video support will be available to Mac users in November, with Windows compatibility to follow in coming weeks. Pre-existing video import will also roll out in November.

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