How do I reset my CameraLink?

There are cases in which you may need to reset your CameraLink. Here's how to do it.

The factory reset process restores your CameraLink to its original, factory settings. Do this if your CameraLink just doesn't seem to be working properly, or if directed to by a SlingStudio support agent.

Note: The factory reset process isn't likely to help if the problem is low bandwidth and/or a weak signal (by far the most common issue that users have with their CameraLinks). That can only be resolved by improving the signal and/or placement of your SlingStudio equipment. Please see the article listed below for more information on that.

To reset your CameraLink, and then re-pair it with the SlingStudio hub:

  1. First, be sure that your CameraLink has a sufficient charge. Connect it to a USB charger using the included micro-USB cable. The CameraLink is fully charged when all four battery LEDs are green.
  2. Power up the CameraLink by pressing the Power button for 3 seconds.
  3. Wait for the CameraLink to power up (the Power button glows steadily white). Then take a paperclip and insert it into the tiny hole (next to the micro HDMI port).
  4. Press and hold the Reset button for 6 seconds.
    Six seconds has elapsed when the Power and the Tally LEDs (on the opposite side of the CameraLink from the Reset hole) go off.
  5. Wait for the CameraLink Power LED to blink red.
  6. Now re-pair the CameraLink with the SlingStudio hub:
    1. iPad Console: Tap the settings icon (it looks like a gear), then tap My CameraLinks.
      Mac Console: Choose My CameraLinks from the Sources menu.
    2. iPad: In the My CameraLinks window, tap the button next to Pair CameraLink (WPS) .
      Mac: In the My CameraLinks window, click WPS .
    3. The CameraLink should pair automatically. If it does not, follow any instructions that you see.
    4. Allow the Console app to update the CameraLink firmware (if applicable). The Tally light blinks white/orange during this process.
      IMPORTANT: Never interrupt a firmware update! Doing so can permanently damage the CameraLink.
  7. Once the firmware update completes, the CameraLink is paired with the SlingStudio hub and is ready to go.

Want to rename your CameraLink?

The factory reset process erases any custom name that you had previously given to the CameraLink unit.

How to rename a CameraLink (or any video source):

  1. In SlingStudio Console, find the CameraLink in the Video Sources area.
    You may need to manually add the CameraLink as a video source.
  2. Click the three white dots that you see in the lower right corner (iPad) or upper right corner (Mac) of the thumbnail image for that video source.
  3. Choose Rename from the pop-up menu that appears.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to rename the CameraLink (or other video source).

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