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How do I charge my SlingStudio CameraLink?

SlingStudio CameraLink does not include a charger, so you must supply your own.

To charge your CameraLink: Connect the included micro USB cable from the CameraLink to any USB charger. (The USB charger is not included.)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use a USB charger with sufficient capacity! The CameraLink requires a 10 watt USB charger (5 volts, 2 amps), such as the USB charger that comes with an iPad. Some Samsung devices also come with chargers of adequate capacity. Check your USB charger's label for "output" to see if it provides enough power for the CameraLink.

We do not recommend using the USB charger that comes with the iPhone because it does not produce enough power.

The CameraLink typically takes approximately two hours to charge fully when not in use. It is fully charged when all four battery LEDs are solid green.

If you use a USB charger that produces less than 10 watts (5 volts, 2 amps) you can charge the CameraLink unit, but you cannot use it while it's charging. If you do use your CameraLink with an underpowered USB charger, then there isn't enough power to both run the CameraLink and charge the battery and the CameraLink battery eventually runs out of power.

In addition, to help you better understand the status of the CameraLink battery when its charge level is low, the CameraLink battery LED behaves in the following ways.

When SlingStudio CameraLink battery charge level is 10 percent or lower:

  • The battery LED glows solid red when the CameraLink is powered off and connected to a USB power supply.
  • The battery LED blinks green when the CameraLink is powered ON and connected to a USB power supply.

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