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Resolving import errors with the Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in

Here are some tips for resolving errors with the Adobe Premiere Pro import plug-in.

The SlingStudio plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro is a sophisticated, time-saving free software product that works well with the latest versions of Adobe Premiere Pro for both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

However, there can be some cases in which the import process doesn't work properly. If that happens to you, these pointers may help you.

First, confirm these things:

  1. Make sure that you're using the latest version of all software (including your computer's operating system, Adobe Premiere Pro itself, and the SlingStudio plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro).
    You can confirm that you've got the current version of the SlingStudio plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro here:
  2. Very important: Make sure that you haven't moved or renamed any of your SlingStudio project files. Additionally, check that you have not changed the SlingStudio project folder's structure and/or its contents when transferring your recording files to your computer.
    The SlingStudio plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro expects all SlingStudio recording folders and files to be in the exact places, with the exact file names, that the SlingStudio hub used when recording them. If you move or rename anything, then the plug-in cannot find the files and therefore cannot operate.

If the error persists, try this workaround:

  • Drag and drop the .XML file that was created by the SlingStudio hub into the Import window in Adobe Premiere Pro.
    This should show the sequence and files as normal, and you may proceed with editing.

More information to help you:

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