SlingStudio software utilities help you use Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro X with your SlingStudio projects

These utilities can save you a lot of work! But they must be used properly.

If you wish to use Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro with your SlingStudio projects, you can save a huge amount of time and effort by using the SlingStudio Converter for Apple Final Cut Pro X or the SlingStudio Extension for Adobe Premiere.

If you use these software utilities, just be sure that you never move or rename the project files that are in the SlingStudio project folder!

SlingStudio has a specific naming convention and file structure that it uses when it places project files in the Projects folder on your SD disk, or the USB drive that you have attached to your SlingStudio. If you alter the names or file locations for your project, then these SlingStudio software utilities can’t work properly.

If you wish, the project folder can be moved to your local computer's hard drive or to another storage location, as long as the folders and file names within it remain as they are. Relocation is okay because, when you perform a file import, you tell the SlingStudio import software where your project files are located.

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