Does SlingStudio reconnect with a remote camera if I lose the signal?

The short answer is that it should.

If you're working with a video source, and that source loses its connection with the SlingStudio unit, it should subsequently reconnect with the SlingStudio unit when it is able to.

Bear in mind that such temporary disconnections can happen because of wireless signal strength issues or problems with overall wireless signal health.

If disconnections keep happening, try these steps to improve the wireless signal:

  • Bring the remote camera closer to the SlingStudio unit if possible (this is often the most effective thing to do).
  • Reduce the wireless traffic by reducing the bit rate of the video production—unless the SlingStudio hotspot quality indicator shows the connection as being GOOD.
  • Bring all video sources closer to the SlingStudio unit, starting with the source that is farthest away. (The source that is the farthest away often takes up the most bandwidth.)
  • Reduce wireless traffic to the SlingStudio unit by reducing the number of video sources, if possible.

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