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How do I join SlingStudio video recording files?

There is a limit to the file size that SlingStudio video recording files can have … here’s how to “stitch” them together

For each SlingStudio project, there are up to seven types of video recording files:

  • A program recording file
  • A Quad-View recording file
  • Up to four recording files of video sources (depending on how many sources the project uses).
  • An audio line-in recording (if there's an audio line-in source)

SlingStudio video recording files are split up after they get larger than a certain file size, or if the project running time goes beyond a certain length.

For that reason, you may want to "stitch" video recording files into fewer MP4 files, depending on your needs.

In such cases, you may consider trying the tool MP4Joiner, which is available from:

While Sling Media cannot endorse any third-party tool, basic testing has suggested that this tool could work satisfactorily with SlingStudio video recordings.

WARNING: This information about a third-party product is provided as a courtesy to SlingStudio users. No guarantees as to performance or suitability of this product are made or implied. Use of this product is solely as the user’s own risk; Sling Media assumes no responsibility or liability for the quality of the performance of this third-party product or for any damage or negative consequences arising from its use. Always work on a copies of your video recordings, and always retain backup copies.

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