What Wi-Fi devices does SlingStudio work with?

SlingStudio works with several Wi-Fi devices.

SlingStudio can work with these smartphones and tablets as video sources:

  • Apple iPhone/iPod touch
  • Apple iPad
  • Android smartphones

These devices connect to the SlingStudio hotspot via Wi-Fi, after you install the free SlingStudio Capture app. The Capture app turns the smartphone or iPad into a fully-featured video source that you can use with the SlingStudio hub.

You can also use an HDMI camera that is connected via HDMI cable to a SlingStudio CameraLink device. The CameraLink is a self-contained transceiver with which you can connect most HDMI devices to the SlingStudio hotspot, turning these devices quickly and easily into video sources for the SlingStudio.

For more information on the SlingStudio Capture app, or the SlingStudio CameraLink device, see the linked articles below.

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