Why do I need a SlingStudio CameraLink device?

The SlingStudio CameraLink device can turn almost any HDMI camera into a SlingStudio source.

The SlingStudio CameraLink device is essentially a self-contained A/V transceiver. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the SlingStudio system, it transmits video wirelessly from your HDMI camera or camcorder to the SlingStudio hub.

SlingStudio CameraLink devices work with almost any video source that outputs HDMI, including camcorders, digital SLRs, action cams, and drones.

Using a SlingStudio CameraLink is simple: Power it up, and then connect a video source to the CameraLink device using an HDMI cable. (Be sure that the cable includes a micro-HDMI connector for the CameraLink HDMI-IN port.)

The CameraLink device can transmit professional-quality content at up to 1080p60 and bit rates of up to 30 Mbps.

You can connect up to ten video sources to the SlingStudio hub, including wireless devices such as a CameraLink. The SlingStudio Console app VIDEO SOURCES list offers up to four "slots" for these connected devices to be available as video sources that you can preview and choose for your video project.

The remaining six sources are on standby and are available to be swapped out for any of the active four video sources. Just tap the + symbol next to VIDEO SOURCES and drag a standby video source into an available slot.

As part of its full integration with the SlingStudio system, the CameraLink has a built-in Tally light that lets the camera operator (and subject) know when the CameraLink is the currently-live source.