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Importing Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro files: Known issues

Take a look here for several known issues when importing files into your SlingStudio project using the SlingStudio Adobe Premiere CC Pro extension and Apple Final Cut Pro converter.

Issues with the Adobe Premiere Pro CC extension

Installation doesn't appear to have taken place

When installing the SlingStudio Premiere Pro CC extension for Windows from the Adobe Exchange Server ( it can seem like the extension installed, yet you don't see it when you check Window -> Extensions in Premiere Pro CC.

The Adobe Exchange Server notes:

In the event the Sling Studio Extension does not install properly, please follow the instructions that can be found here:
This is a known problem and we are working diligently to repair.

Here are the instructions provided in that article link:

To install the SlingStudio extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, for both Mac and Windows computers:

  1. Go to this location to download the correct (and latest) file for your computer:
  2. Find the link for the SlingStudio Premiere Extension.
  3. Download the file, install it, and wait for installation to complete. (It may ask for an administrator's password.)
  4. Close and re-open Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  5. Check for the SlingStudio Extension in Window->Extensions.

If you continue to have problems, please contact SlingStudio support.

Previous extension version error message during installation

When installing the SlingStudio extension for Premiere Pro CC, a dialog box appears warning that a previous SlingStudio extension file could not be removed.

This message should be ignored; complete the installation regardless.

You can then confirm that the installation performed properly by launching Premiere Pro CC and selecting the SlingStudio Extension (it is located under the Windows menu in Premiere Pro CC). You can also see the SlingStudio extension version in the lower left of the SlingStudio Extension screen.

Wait for the importing process to complete

When importing a SlingStudio project in Premiere Pro CC, two dialog boxes appear:

  • Import Successful
  • Importing

At times, the Import Successful dialog box completes, while the Importing or conversion dialog continues to report its status. You must wait for this second notification to go away, even if the Import Successful dialog box has completed.

Errors when importing

At times, SlingStudio projects being imported into Premiere Pro CC don't finish; instead, you get an error message. This can be caused by corrupted input recordings.

One work-around is to remove these files for import via the SlingStudio extension, and then import them manually. While this does not synchronize the input recording to the Program recording, you can at least bring all of your content into Premiere Pro CC.

Corrupted input recordings can often be a result if wireless A/V devices go out of wireless range. This is why it's always important to keep wireless devices within their ranges. Remember that the SlingStudio Console app offers several tools to help you monitor wireless range and signal strength.

Important: SlingStudio CameraLink devices are specified to operate within 300 feet of a SlingStudio hub (depending on conditions). This makes the CameraLink device a great choice for larger wireless setups, especially since the range for mobile devices (such as smartphones) can be considerably less than that. Either way, it's important to use the tools that are available within the SlingStudio Console app to help evaluate signal strength for your particular setup.

Issues with the Apple Final Cut Pro Converter

User interface problem with Apple macOS Mojave

When using the SlingStudio Final Cut Pro Converter with Apple macOS Mojave, the letters on the Final Cut Pro Converter user interface panels lay on top of each other, making each clickable field unreadable. There is currently no workaround for this situation.