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Coach Review feature freezes in Mac Console with the Pro60 production mode

Video viewed with the Coach Review feature may freeze when particular project file production settings are chosen. Here's more information.


You find that video being viewed using the SlingStudio Console for Mac Coach Review feature may freeze under some circumstances.


You're more likely to encounter this if:

  • Your Mac computer is running macOS Mojave (Version 10.14);
  • Your SlingStudio project uses the Pro60 setting for Production Mode;
  • The currently chosen bit rate is 30 mbps.


If at all possible, try working with SlingStudio Console using an Apple iPad running SlingStudio Console for iPad, instead of a Mac computer whenever you need to use those project settings with the Coach Review feature.

If that's not possible, consider creating a different project with a Production Mode setting other than Pro60, and/or a bit rate setting of 22 MB/sec or less.

See also:

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