SlingStudio Console upload bandwidth test fails when enabling live broadcasting with a Mac

Sometimes when you try to enable the Live Broadcasting feature in the SlingStudio Console app on an Apple Mac computer, the upload bandwidth test fails, even though there is network connectivity.

Sometimes the SlingStudio Console app's upload bandwidth test can fail when you try to create project or enable the Live Broadcasting feature. This can happen even when the Apple iPad or Apple Mac computer that you're using has a proper Wi-Fi or Ethernet network connection that includes Internet access.

This can be caused by firewall issues that you may not have any control over, preventing you from broadcasting live from your SlingStudio unit.

If that happens, here's a workaround that you can try if you have access to both Wi-Fi networking and an Ethernet network connection:

  1. Create a project, but do not activate the Live Broadcasting feature yet.
  2. Disconnect the Ethernet network cable.
  3. Connect the SlingStudio unit's Internet connection to the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Now go to the Project Setting box's LIVE BROADCASTING section and use Select a Destination to create a live broadcast using the Wi-Fi hotspot that you just connected to.
  5. Reconnect the Ethernet network cable.
    This causes the SlingStudio to reconnect automatically via the Ethernet cable.
  6. Click GO LIVE when ready.

Doing it this way causes you to bypass the upload bandwidth speed test, and allows you to conduct your live broadcast.