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Mac Console: Using the Highlights and Tagging feature

Video highlights clips are only a few clicks away with the Highlights and Tagging feature.

With the Highlights and Tagging feature, you can create video highlight clips quickly and easily during live video productions, and then replay them while the live production continues. Or you can create one or more video highlight clips and then post them to social media. It's fast and requires no post-production work.

To create video highlight clips:

  1. Open a SlingStudio project and begin recording video.
  2. While the video is recording, select the in- and out-points for the first "rough" video highlight clip that you want in any one of these "on-the-fly" ways:
    1. Set IN and OUT points manually:
      Click IN and OUT to indicate the beginning and the end (respectively) of your "rough" video highlight clip.
      When you click IN, the button remains highlighted and you see Mark IN added. When you click OUT, the IN button deselects and you see Mark OUT added.
    2. Set just the OUT point:
      Click OUT by itself to have a video highlight clip's in-point set "retroactively" according to settings you can opt for by choosing Highlight Settings from the Project
      Example: If you've set a Mark Out clip duration (located in Highlight Settings) of 5 seconds, then tapping just OUT creates a 5-second "rough" video highlight clip that ends at the point that you tapped OUT.
    3. Via the Replay feature:
      Every time you use the Replay feature, it creates a "rough" video highlight clip automatically.
      The duration of this clip is set in Replay Settings, located in the Project
  3. Once you've created the "rough" video highlight clip(s) that you want:
    1. First stop recording;
    2. Then use the Highlight Editor to review and create the final video highlight clip(s).
  4. Choose HIGHLIGHT EDITOR from the SlingStudio Console "three horizontal lines" icon menu in the upper-left corner of the SlingStudio Console for Mac application.
    The Highlight Editor
  5. Click the EDITOR tab at the top of the Highlight Editor window.
    You see a list of your "rough" video highlight clip(s) at the bottom of the window.
  6. Click to select the video clip that you want to review.
    You can play the "rough" video clip to review it, and then click its Mark In and Mark Out times to fine-tune the video clip by typing new in and out points for it.
  7. When you're satisfied with the clip, click to select the box next to its number, and then click CREATE A HIGHLIGHT.
    The Highlight Name dialog box appears.
  8. Type a name for the new video highlight clip, then click CREATE.
  9. The HIGHLIGHTS tab selects, displaying the final video clip(s).

NOTE: The video clips appear on the external storage media that you're using with your SlingStudio project. In the folder/directory for your project, there is a folder/directory titled Video_Highlights that contains your video highlight clips.