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Mac Console: Troubleshooting live broadcasting to Facebook

If you're using SlingStudio Console for Mac, and are having problems broadcasting live to Facebook, take a look here

Streaming live to Facebook should normally work very well. But there can still be some hiccups. If you're having difficulties, here are some things to look at.

For step-by-step instructions on setting up a Facebook live broadcast, see the article linked below.

RTMP versus RTMPS streaming

As of May 1, 2019, Facebook requires all video streams to use the RMTPS (secure RTMP) streaming protocol. The latest version of SlingStudio Console supports RTMPS streaming. There is nothing you need to do to specify RTMPS streaming; SlingStudio Console and Facebook negotiate this automatically when you set up your Facebook video stream.

But to get RTMPS streaming, you must be using the latest version of the SlingStudio Console software. Older versions of SlingStudio Console don't support RTMPS streaming and won't work with Facebook.

You can download the latest SlingStudio software here.

Internet connection

For Facebook live broadcasting to work:

  • Your SlingStudio unit must be connected to the Internet, either via its Wi-Fi, or via an Ethernet cable connected directly to the SlingStudio (using the USB-C Expander).
  • You can connect to Wi-Fi using Internet Settings under the Internet icon in the lower-left of SlingStudio Console for Mac.
  • To connect to a network using an Ethernet cable, use the Ethernet port provided on the optional SlingStudio USB-C Expander.

When you've finished with these setup steps, you should see:

  • The Internet LED indicator on the SlingStudio is glowing green.
  • If it is glowing amber, then your SlingStudio is connected to your network but not to the Internet itself. You'll need to investigate your network to determine the problem.
  • If it is off, then double-check the Wi-Fi connection or the Ethernet cable, whichever you're using.

Logging in to Facebook

Within SlingStudio, you can log into Facebook from the Project Settings dialog box when you set up your project.

You can also log in to Facebook later. To do that:

  1. Choose Project Settings from the Project menu.
  2. If not already done, in the Project Settings box, under PRODUCTION OPTIONS, click to choose either Recording and Broadcasting or Broadcasting Only.
  3. Scroll down and then click SET DESTINATION.
  4. Click Facebook and then log in.

Check upload speed

A good upload speed is critical for successful streaming. You can use SlingStudio Console for Mac to check the upload speed that's available to you with your network.

To check upload speed:

  1. Connect SlingStudio Console to your SlingStudio unit.
  2. With your project open, choose Project Settings from the Project menu.
  3. If not already done, in the Project Settings box, under PRODUCTION OPTIONS, click to choose either Recording and Broadcasting or Broadcasting Only.
  4. If necessary, click Show Settings to reveal additional options. (If you see Hide Settings then you're already set.)
  5. Scroll down to Broadcasting Settings.
  6. Next to Upload Speed click SPEED CHECK.
    Wait a moment for SlingStudio to determine the currently-available upload speed.

Note: It's best if your network has an upload speed of greater than 8Mbps.

Check program output bit rate versus upload speed

It is important that the Program Output Bit Rate setting that is chosen for the Facebook broadcast is lower than the upload speed of your network connection; otherwise, the Facebook broadcast is likely to have quality problems.

To check video bit rate settings:

  1. Follow the steps above to determine the current Upload Speed that's available to you.
  2. In the Project Settings box, check: Is the current Program Output Bit Rate lower than the current upload speed? If not, then adjust it.

Want to review Internet connectivity quality as you stream video?

You can do that in either of two ways.

First, make sure that you're streaming video. Then:

  • Along the bottom edge of the Program window, click the word QUALITY.
    The Live Broadcasting Quality Indicator opens.
  • You can also access the Live Broadcasting Quality Indicator from the Dashboard:
    • Click the Dashboard icon in the lower-right corner of the Console main window.
      Or choose Dashboard from the Window menu.
      The Dashboard opens.
    • In the lower-left corner of the Dashboard, you see the LIVE BROADCASTING section.
    • Click Stream Quality (in blue type).
      The Live Broadcasting Quality Indicator opens.

For more information about the Live Broadcast Quality Indicator, see the links below.

Including music in your Facebook live broadcast

It is critical that you not include any copyrighted music in your Facebook live broadcast. Facebook monitors this very closely. If this happens, you might see a message like this:

Your video was not posted because it may contain music, audio or video that belongs to someone else.

Please consult Facebook Help for more information on including music in a Facebook live broadcast.

Facebook Pages aren't being shown

If you're finding that Facebook Pages aren't being shown, then take a look at these things:

  • Check to see if you are an administrator for the Facebook page. If not, then you won't see Pages.
  • Check to see if the same Facebook page can be streamed by using another person's login (but make sure that they have administrator privileges).
  • Try streaming another Facebook page to see if that works properly.
  • Try streaming using the custom RTMP method. See the link below for more information on doing that.

With some Pages, you have trouble seeing the Publish Now and/or Schedule Post options

With some Pages, you can choose the Publish Now option but the option to Schedule Post is not available. The workaround for this is setting up a custom RTMP arrangement. Here's how:

  • Schedule a post using the Facebook app or the Facebook web page:
    1. Click the Live Video option on the page timeline.
    2. Select the Connect option.
    3. Enter a description for the post.
    4. Click the Schedule option to schedule the post.
  • Extract the Stream Key and the Server URL of the scheduled post:
    1. Refresh the Facebook page. Once it is refreshed, your scheduled post is listed.
    2. Click "..." from the top right corner of the post.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Click the Stream key tab.
    5. Be sure to make a note of the Server URL and the Stream Key.
  • Go live with the scheduled post using the Custom RTMP feature of SlingStudio Console:
    1. Select the Custom RTMP option from Live Broadcasting in SlingStudio Console.
    2. Enter the Server URL and Stream key.
    3. Click Live Broadcasting; select Go Live. Once the scheduled post time arrives, the post automatically goes live.

For more information on working with custom RTMP streams, see the link below.

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