Using the Audio Mixer feature in SlingStudio Console for Mac

Here's a quick primer on the SlingStudio Console for Mac Audio Mixer feature.

To work with the Audio Mixer:

  1. With your SlingStudio device powered up and ready to go, launch SlingStudio Console for Mac on your computer.
  2. In the lower-right corner of the Console, click AUDIO MIXER.
    You see the Audio Mixer controls for your video sources. Whenever you have a line-in audio source connected you see the LINE-in control for that too.

SlingStudio Console for Mac Audio Mixer feature with numbers for annotations


What it is

What it does


Line-in audio channel

You can:

  • Mute/unmute audio from this channel (click the speaker icon)
  • Click Delay: 0ms to set the programmable audio delay; also display any delay that's currently set.
  • Control the input volume with the slider controls. The volume meters help you modulate the audio input volume properly. Try to get the volume up fairly high, without allowing it to regularly hit the peak (overmodulate).


Video source channel

  • Similar to Line-in audio channel above, except there's no programm able audio delay.
  • Choose whether audio is ON all the time, or uses AFV (audio follows video), which ensures that the video that's currently "live" is coming from the currently-selected video source.


Program (live) channel

You can:

  • Monitor the Program audio channel.

Other controls work as above.


Audio monitor

  • Monitor audio for that channel via the Mac speaker by tapping the headphone icon.

Caution: This can cause severe feedback if the Mac, or any speaker(s) it is playing through, is near the video source's microphone.

Note that toggling the headphone icon to monitor audio doesn't change the muting/unmuting of source audio going into the program. To control that, tap the speaker icon.

By default, the audio mixer setting for any of these is AFV mode:

  • HDMI source
  • CameraLink (wireless)
  • Capture app (wireless)

Meanwhile, by default, the audio mixer setting for any Line-in connection is Always On mode. Therefore, if there is a Line-in connection, by default it is the program audio unless you mute it by tapping the speaker icon.

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