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Mac Console: How do I apply overlay text to a project?

You can use SlingStudio Console for Mac to apply a text overlay to your SlingStudio project. Here's how.

Applying a text overlay to your project is a great way to point out specific things in your project, as well as giving it a professional touch.

To apply a text overlay to a project:

  1. Get your project ready to go, with all video sources connected.
  2. Launch SlingStudio Console.
  3. Click a video source so that it appears in Preview.
  4. In the GRAPHICS section, click + at the far right end of the section.
    A popup menu appears.
    SlingStudio Console for Mac Import Graphics popup
  5. Choose Text Overlay.
    You see a variety of controls appear.
  6. Use these text controls to create the text overlay that you'd like.
  7. When you're done, click SAVE. A new graphic image with your text appears in the GRAPHICS section.
  8. Click this new graphic image to place the text in your Preview image.
  9. You can move the text around, or delete it if you've changed your mind.
  10. To edit the text, mouse over its graphic image in the GRAPHICS section. Click the menu […] icon in the upper-right corner of the image, then choose Edit from the popup menu.
  11. Once you're satisfied with your onscreen text, tap Preview -> Program. The overlay text displays in your program.