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Mac Console: What do the red, yellow, and green window control buttons do?

A quick explanation of how the macOS® window control buttons work with SlingStudio Console for Mac.

With the SlingStudio Console for Mac application window, as with any macOS application window that you work with, you see three buttons in the upper-left corner: red, yellow, and green.

What do they do?

Here's a rundown:

Close button

Quits SlingStudio Console for Mac, but does not close your project. If you want to close your project, you must explicitly do that.

macOS minimize window button

Minimize button

SlingStudio is minimized down to the Dock as any streaming continues. Click the icon from the Dock to restore it to full size.

macOS maximize window button

Maximize button:

Maximize SlingStudio Console to occupy the entire screen and hiding the menus.

To see the menus, move your pointer to the top of the window.

If you hold down Option as you click this button, the application window maximizes but doesn't take up the entire screen or hide the menus.