Lost screen effects when opening a project created in an older version of the Console app

Are you finding that features like split windows, lower thirds, and text overlays are missing after you upgraded your version of the SlingStudio Console app? If so, please take a look here.

It's possible that some screen effects can be lost if you create a SlingStudio project in an older version of the SlingStudio Console app and then open that project in a newer, updated version of the Console app.

Such "lost" effects could include:

  • Lower thirds
  • Text overlays
  • Split window settings

All may not be totally lost, however.

Saved assets, such as lower thirds and text overlays, should be available in the SlingStudio Library:

  • Tap SlingStudio Library (internal storage). You should see the assets there. Add them back into your project.

Unfortunately, if you set up split view (split window) arrangements, those need to be recreated.