Bandwidth Test Failure error message

If this error message appears, here's a possible explanation.

If you see this error message …

Bandwidth Test Failure

… as you're trying to test the upload speed of your network for live-streaming, all is not lost.

It just means that the SlingStudio Console app wasn’t able to contact the remote computer server that it uses to test the upload speed of your network.

It could also tell you that you don't have a good Wi-Fi connection for live-streaming video.

Why could this be happening?

  • The server could be temporarily down. But this is rare.
    • Solution: Wait a few minutes, then try again.
    • If you know how to send a "ping" command from a terminal application, try testing the server by pinging:
  • It could also be that the network you're currently using isn't able to reach the server.
    • Make sure that your iPad has a good connection to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Check to see if you can open a web page.
      (Important: Just do this as a test, then close the browser. To reserve maximum bandwidth for live streaming video, it is important that there be no other demands on the network connection.)
    • If the network requires second-level authentication (as do some Wi-Fi networks in commercial establishments, such as hotels) then make sure that you have entered the correct network access credentials.