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How do I connect a camera with an SDI output but no HDMI?

It is possible, but you'll need to use a converter product.

If your camera has an SDI output, but lacks an HDMI output that you can use with your SlingStudio unit, then Sling Media recommends that you use an SDI to HDMI converter.

There are several models on the market. One that we have tested and found to be suitable is:

  • Blackmagic Design SDI-HDMI Micro Converter (Model CONVCMIC-SH)

Regardless of which converter device that you choose, it is important that you purchase in such a way that you can first thoroughly check that the converter is compatible with your camera under all SDI output resolutions.

Please remember that this is information being offered for convenience only. Sling Media offers no assurances or guarantees that any third-party product will be suitable or perform in a way that addresses your needs.