SlingStudio Console app Hotspot Quality indicator: What is it telling you?

The SlingStudio Console app's hotspot indicator uses two linear scales to give you a better idea of the connection quality between the SlingStudio and your connected video sources.

Good Wi-Fi connections between the SlingStudio unit and video sources that you are using are critically important for a good video production experience with your SlingStudio setup.

The SlingStudio Hotspot Quality indicator, in the Console app Dashboard, is an extremely useful tool that tells you at a glance how "healthy" the connections are that you are using with your video production.

The SlingStudio Hotspot Quality indicator uses one linear scale from 0 to 80, and another linear scale from 80 to 100:

  • An indication of at least 80 indicates decent network connection quality. It's pretty much the minimum that you want.
  • From 80 to 100, each point on the scale equals approximately 10 times the signal quality of a point that's below 80 on the scale.

So the 80 to 100 portion of the scale can indicate an extremely significant improvement, much more so than (for example) the 60 to 80 portion or the 50 to 70 portion. Network quality can vary greatly, and this arrangement really helps you see the difference as quality improves.

To use the SlingStudio Hotspot Quality indicator:

  1. Power up your SlingStudio unit if it is not already running, and use the Console app to connect to it.
  2. Connect your video source devices.
  3. From the button bar on the left side of the Console app, tap to open the Dashboard (it's the third active button from the top).
  4. In the upper-left corner of the Dashboard you see the SlingStudio Hotspot Quality indicator.

If you would like more hotspot quality detail, tap Check to open a dialog box in which you can alter settings to help improve connection quality.