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Console app is stuck in "Connecting" state while pairing a CameraLink

Are you having trouble with the SlingStudio Console app being stuck in the "Connecting" state while pairing a CameraLink? Take a look here.

In rare circumstances, you might see the SlingStudio Console app get stuck. It could get hung up, saying that it is "Connecting," while you're trying to pair a CameraLink.

This can happen when pairing a CameraLink device to the SlingStudio unit and/or when you're performing a firmware update to the CameraLink device itself.

If this happens:

  1. Quit the SlingStudio Console app:
    1. Double-press the iPad Home button twice in quick succession.
      The Console app minimizes and moves to the right.
    2. Sweep the Console app upward to dismiss (quit) it.
  2. Relaunch the Console app.

This should resolve the problem.

If you continue to have trouble, please contact SlingStudio support for further assistance.