Fade to black and setting transition timings

With the SlingStudio Console app, you can fade your images to black if you choose. You can also adjust the length of time that transitions take place.

The SlingStudio Console app offers you the options of these transitions between shots:

  • Straight cut
  • Wipe
  • Dissolve
  • Fade to black

In addition, for the Wipe, Dissolve, and the Fade to Black transitions, you can also adjust the time that it takes to transition from your first shot to your second (or to black).

To fade to black immediately:

  • When you're ready to fade to black, tap the Transitions pop-up menu and tap FADE TO BLACK.
    Note that the audio from the source is muted in this state.

To adjust transitions for the Dissolve, Wipe, and Fade to Black transitions:

  • Tap TIME, and then adjust the slider to the transition time that you'd like.
    The Timer has no effect on the straight cut transition.

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