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SlingStudio CameraLink won't perform a firmware update with a low battery

Be sure to have the SlingStudio CameraLink battery well-charged, or connected to a USB power source, before attempting a firmware update.

Updating a device's firmware can be an important part of maintaining the reliability and performance of that device.

However, the firmware update process can also be a vulnerable period for a device. That's because firmware updates must proceed from start to finish without any interruption. Anything that hinders the firmware update process could render the device inoperable.

For that reason, the SlingStudio CameraLink is designed so that it is not possible to update its firmware unless its battery is charged to a level that is greater than 10 percent.

You can get a rough idea of the CameraLink battery charge level from the green LEDs on the side of the CameraLink. For a more precise indication of the CameraLink charge level, check the SlingStudio Console app's Dashboard.