HDMI connectors used with SlingStudio

Here’s a rundown of the HDMI connectors that you can use with your SlingStudio products

There are three different HDMI connectors that you could use while connecting an HDMI source to the SlingStudio or the SlingStudio CameraLink product:

Images of three types of HDMI cables

So which SlingStudio device uses which type of HDMI connector? Let's take a look at each.

The SlingStudio unit

The SlingStudio unit itself has both HDMI IN and HDMI OUT ports.

The HDMI IN port is used to connect an HDMI camera to your SlingStudio unit. The port uses a Male HDMI Type-A connector, pictured above on the right.

The SlingStudio HDMI OUT port can be used to connect a video monitor to your SlingStudio unit. This port uses a Male HDMI Type-C (mini) connector. It’s pictured above in the center.

The SlingStudio CameraLink device

The SlingStudio CameraLink has a port for a Male Type D (micro) connector, pictured above on the left. (The blue color of this particular cable is not relevant.) This connector is used to attach an HDMI source to the CameraLink unit.

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