How do I use the SlingStudio disk write speed test?

The disk write speed test helps you determine optimal settings for the storage media that you're using.

Making sure that the storage media that you're using is fast enough for the needs of SlingStudio is a very important thing.

That's why, when you're creating a new SlingStudio project or when you open an existing project and go to project settings, you may notice that there are buttons to begin a check of the write speed of your storage media:

  • Test Write Speed (SlingStudio for iPad)—In the NEW PROJECT dialog box, or the box that appears when you re-open an existing project.
  • WRITE SPEED TEST (SlingStudio for Mac)—In the New Project or Open Project dialog boxes.

What does it do?

The disk write speed feature performs a quick test (30 to 60 seconds). The test reads/writes temporary data to the storage media that you've chosen, and uses those operations to evaluate the read/write speed of your storage media.

Why is that important?

When you're recording your project, a lot of data is being directed to your storage media. Your project could include the program stream itself, a Quad-View stream, as well as individual streams for each of the video sources that you're using. To manage all of this incoming data, at once and in real time, it's important to make sure that your chosen storage media is up to the task.

How do I run the test?

Tap or click the button. In the dialog box that appears, allow the test to proceed.

What does the test tell me?

Once the test is completed, you see a STORAGE WRITE SPEED box that indicates the result of the write speed test:

What do these results tell me?

Based on the results of the speed test, the results box indicates:

  • How many streams the currently-chosen storage medium is capable of reliably writing at the currently-chosen bit rate.
  • The number of video input sources that you're currently streaming (in the example above, there are two streams).
    • Which types of streams you're currently using.