How does SlingStudio synchronize audio and video?

A bit of info about SlingStudio and video source synchronization.

SlingStudio can synchronize audio and video from different sources, such as:

  • Smartphones running the free SlingStudio Capture app, connected via the SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • SlingStudio CameraLink, connected wirelessly to the SlingStudio unit;
  • The SlingStudio HDMI input, connected directly via an HDMI cable;
  • The SlingStudio audio line input, connected directly via an audio cable.

The SlingStudio internal software performs this source synchronization by using a single master clock that timestamps audio and video from all different sources.

Once this timestamp process is done, SlingStudio uses proprietary algorithms to control audio and video synchronization regardless of where the audio or video is coming from.

Important: Please note that SlingStudio does not support frame level synchronization.