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How video sources are mapped to recordings when exporting to Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere

If you are working with more than four video sources connected to your SlingStudio unit, here's how those "standby" video sources are mapped to your recordings.

With SlingStudio, only four video sources can be recorded at a time. However, SlingStudio can switch between 10 video sources (the four displayed in the SlingStudio Console VIDEO SOURCES list, plus six more video sources that are connected to the SlingStudio unit and are on standby) and map these sources to the four recordings.

When a SlingStudio project is imported to Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro CC, these additional sources appear below the four initial recorded streams. Consequently, if you select, for example, video input eight to be recorded as video input one, it may not be evident that video input eight is represented as video input one. If the camera angles are similar, the editor may not know that the source changed and can be found in an existing video stream.