How do I get the latest software and firmware? How can I tell what versions I have?

It's easy to determine the SlingStudio software and firmware versions that you're using ... and get the latest

What exactly does SlingStudio software do?

  • SlingStudio Console is used to control your project with an iPad or Mac computer;
  • The Capture app lets you use an iOS or Android smartphone as an audio-video source.

To determine the firmware version that is running on your SlingStudio, as well as the version of SlingStudio Console that you're using:

For SlingStudio Console for Mac:

  • With SlingStudio Console running on your Mac, choose About from the SlingStudio Console menu.

For SlingStudio Console for iPad:

  1. Launch SlingStudio Console on your iPad.
  2. Tap the Settings icon, along the left edge of SlingStudio Console.
  3. Tap About.
  4. Note the firmware and Console app versions.

To determine the version of the Capture app that you're using:

  1. Tap the Menu icon in the upper-left corner of the Capture app (it looks like three lines).
  2. Tap the "i" icon in the upper-right corner of the app to open the INFO box.
  3. You see the Capture app version, as well as streaming data if you're currently streaming.
  4. Tap the X in the upper-right corner of the app to close the INFO box.

To get the latest versions of any software:

  • iOS software: Your device should advise you when there are updates, but if you want to check, go to the Apple App Store and search for SlingStudio.
  • Android software: As with iOS above, your device should let you know when there are updates. But to double-check, go to the Google Play Store and search for SlingStudio.

To get the latest firmware for your SlingStudio:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of SlingStudio Console.
  2. Using either an iPad or a Mac computer, connect SlingStudio Console to your SlingStudio unit.
  3. As soon as you do that, SlingStudio Console checks to make sure that the SlingStudio unit has the latest firmware.
  4. If the SlingStudio unit does not have the latest firmware, then you'll see directions within SlingStudio Console for updating your SlingStudio unit.


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