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How can I tell when the SlingStudio Battery is running low?

There are several ways that you can determine the state of the SlingStudio Battery.

You can tell the status of the SlingStudio Battery in several ways:

  • Perhaps the easiest is to look at the SlingStudio Battery itself: There is an LED indicator directly below the SlingStudio AC power input. This indicator glows red when the battery is charging, and green when the battery is fully charged. The LED is off when the battery is not connected to AC power.
  • The SlingStudio Console app tells you status of the SlingStudio Battery in the lower-left corner of the Console app (iPad Console) or the lower-right corner of the Mac Console app (if you have that Shortcut set to be visible).
  • You can also see the status of the SlingStudio Battery in the Console app's Dashboard.

The SlingStudio Console app also warns you when the SlingStudio Battery's charge is starting to get low: You get onscreen warnings in the Console app when the battery's charge drops down to 20% remaining, and 10% remaining. At this point, you should try to wrap up your recording or connect the battery to AC power.

You can also switch to a different battery, but be aware: Switching a battery power-cycles the SlingStudio unit. Be sure to close your project before switching batteries.

Just before the battery's charge drops completely to zero, SlingStudio alerts you of the situation, stops all recordings, closes your project, and shuts down.