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How can I tell how much storage space/time I have left?

SlingStudio offers several ways to tell how much storage space is left for your projects

The SlingStudio Console app helps you determine how much storage space is available for your projects. It also displays alerts when storage space is getting low.

You can find out the current storage space status in these places:

  • On the Console New Project screen, as you are creating a new project. The storage space/time estimate changes as you make different settings choices.
  • On the Console project screen when you are changing your project's settings, such as bit rate. Again, the storage remaining changes to reflect your choices.
  • On the Console Dashboard ... along with many other useful status indications.

You also see alerts appear when the current location has 20 minutes remaining, and then again when 10 minutes of recording time remain. (These estimates are made using the current recording settings.) At this point, you're strongly encouraged to look for a good place to stop recording and switch to a different  storage device.

When the storage runs out, a final alert displays, the recording is stopped, and the project is closed.