How do I add a mobile device as a camera source?

You can use the free SlingStudio Capture app to turn a smartphone into a SlingStudio video source.

You can download and use the free SlingStudio Capture app to turn a compatible smartphone devices into a SlingStudio video source.

To see if your smartphone works with the SlingStudio Capture app, take a look at the article linked at the bottom of this page: What devices is SlingStudio compatible with?

Here's how to get the SlingStudio Capture app for your device:

  1. On the mobile device that you want to use, download and install the Capture app from the app source appropriate for your device:
    1. Apple App Store
    2. Google Play Store
  2. Once your SlingStudio unit is up and running, on your mobile device, tap the Capture app to launch it, and then follow its instructions to connect the mobile device's Wi-Fi to the SlingStudio Wi-Fi access point.
  3. The mobile device appears as a source on your SlingStudio Console.

The link below offers more information about device compatibility.

More information about devices that you can use with SlingStudio

SlingStudio compatible device list