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My HDMI camera goes blank after a while. Why is that?

Here are some things to check if your HDMI camera goes blank, or won't output video at all.

Check to make sure that your camera doesn’t have an “auto-off” or “standby” setting enabled. This can cause the camera to shut itself down if there is no activity for a set period of time, especially if there is no activity (zooming, focusing, changing settings, and so on).

Make sure that there are no other settings that could prevent the camera from passing a signal through the HDMI cable and into the SlingStudio device. For example, some cameras have display settings that can include shutting off, or blanking, the display. This can prevent an image from being transmitted from the camera.

Some cameras may require you to put the camera in recording mode to prevent it from going into auto-off or standby mode.

Finally, try doing some basic troubleshooting:

  • Make sure that HDMI cables are connected properly (at both ends).
  • Check to see if the HDMI cable is damaged or defective.
  • Confirm that the camera/camcorder is able to output high-definition (HD) video (1080p, 1080i, 720p) over HDMI cables.