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What is the Quad-view video option for?

Quad-view video is a great tool for synchronized viewing and editing.

Quad-view video, or multi-view video, is a useful video view where four video sources are encoded into a single video stream.

Why is this useful?

There are several ways that you can put this to good use:

  • SlingStudio has an HDMI-Out port that lets you connect an external monitor. In the lower-left corner of the SlingStudio Console app, there's an HDMI OUT setting with which you can choose to monitor Quad-view video. This lets you see up to four video sources at once on your external monitor.
  • This can also be used for Video Assist, which enables you to see all video sources as they are being shot.
  • It can be used for post-production using products like Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Again, one video stream lets the editor see all of the video sources at once.

Using Quad-view video can save bandwidth, as one stream contains four separate videos instead of the greater bandwidth cost of sending four actual streams. The four videos are in perfect sync, saving time and post-production difficulty later.

To use Quad-view video with SlingStudio, you can either choose that option when you create your project, or you can activate Quad-view video at any time later.

To choose Quad-view video for a new project:

  1. With your SlingStudio unit powered up and ready, open the Console app and connect to your SlingStudio.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Within the New Project dialog box, you see Quad-view video as a button under RECORDING OPTIONS. Tap to select it.
  4. Choose other recording options as you prefer, then tap SAVE to use your new project.

To choose Quad-view video for an existing project:

  1. Tap the recording stop/start control.
  3. Select Quad-view video.

When you review the video for your project, on the storage card you see a SlingStudioProjects folder. Within that are the folders for your projects. Within each project folder, there is a Quadview_Recordings folder, but only projects that have had the Quad-view video option enabled have a multi-view encoded video file within this folder.