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The SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot doesn't appear to be available

Is your device having trouble "seeing" the SlingStudio hotspot? Here are some troubleshooting tips.

If you can't detect the SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot from your iPad using the Console app or the Capture app, then you need to do some basic troubleshooting with your SlingStudio unit:

  1. First, try moving the device running the Console or Capture app closer to the SlingStudio unit.
    This is a particularly good first thing to check if the trouble is intermittent. Try connecting the device running the Console or Capture app to the SlingStudio hotspot when it is 15 feet/5 meters away from the SlingStudio unit. If this seems to work properly, then try moving the device progressively farther away from the SlingStudio unit until you get a sense of what the range limit is. Remember that walls, floors, and Wi-Fi interference can reduce Wi-Fi range, sometimes dramatically.
  2. Power cycle the SlingStudio by shutting it off, waiting 10 seconds, and then powering it back on again. Then try to connect to the SlingStudio hotspot again.
  3. If that doesn't work, then be sure that the Wi-Fi function of your device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) is turned on and working properly. Can you connect it to any other Wi-Fi networks?
  4. Next, try restarting your device by powering it down, and then starting it back up again. Then try connecting again.
  5. Try another device's Wi-Fi to see if it is able to see the SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot.
  6. If none of that works, then restart your SlingStudio into "Reset" mode to see if you can check the SlingStudio Wi-Fi settings:
    1. Insert a straightened paperclip end into the SlingStudio Reset hole (just above its USB-C input).
      The SlingStudio blue LED band begins blinking.
    2. Hold the paperclip in for 10 seconds until the blinking blue LED band starts blinking orange.
    3. Wait about 2 minutes, then try connecting to your iPad to the SlingStudio hotspot again.
      Note that it can sometimes take a minute or more for the SlingStudio hotspot to appear after the orange LED band stops blinking.
    4. If you're able to connect to the SlingStudio hotspot, then open the Console app to see the SlingStudio—Reset Mode settings.
    5. In SlingStudio—Reset Mode settings, make sure that the Wi-Fi is properly set up.

If none of this helps you, please contact SlingStudio customer support.