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I forgot the password for my SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot. What do I do?

If you forgot the password for your SlingStudio hotspot, all is not lost! Read on ...

If you've forgotten the password to your SlingStudio hub's Wi-Fi hotspot, you can reset it easily. But you do need to have physical access to the SlingStudio hub itself. For security reasons, you can't reset the hotspot password remotely.

To reset the SlingStudio hub's Wi-Fi hotspot password:

  1. Power up the SlingStudio hub. Wait until the blue LED band glows steadily.
  2. Insert a straightened paperclip into the Reset hole (just above the USB-C input) and press and hold the Reset button.
    The blue LED band blinks as you hold the Reset button in.
  3. When the LED band blinks orange (about 10 seconds) release the Reset button.
  4. Wait for the LED band to stop blinking and glow steadily orange.
  5. On your iPad, switch the Wi-Fi to the SlingStudio hub's Wi-Fi hotspot. Notice that the hotspot name has temporarily reverted to its factory-reset name (which looks like SlingStudio_XX_XX_XX).
  6. Launch the Console app on your iPad.
  7. Instead of the usual SlingStudio Console, you see the SlingStudio – Reset Mode screen that offers several options.
    Note: The SSID is the hotspot name that's broadcast to Wi-Fi devices. If you previously changed your SlingStudio hub's SSID to a custom name, that name is retained only if you choose the option No, Just Restart my SlingStudio Normally. Since you are changing your SlingStudio hub's Wi-Fi password, you'll also need to re-specify any custom SSID name that you chose previously.
  8. Tap Change SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot settings.
  9. Under Password, tap Set password and then type your desired password.
  10. If you wish, under SSID, tap Change SSID and specify (or re-specify) the SSID that you'd like the SlingStudio hub to broadcast.
    If you don't do this, then the SSID will remain as the default, which is in this format: SlingStudio_XX_XX_XX.
  11. When you're done, tap Save Changes.
  12. When the Restart Your SlingStudio screen appears, tap Restart SlingStudio.
  13. Remember that the SlingStudio hub must finish restarting before it can resume broadcasting the Wi-Fi hotspot. Once the blue LED band is glowing steadily, you can then reconnect to the SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot.