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How do I apply a video transition to a project?

You can apply video transitions (like dissolves) to your video cuts. Here's how.

  1. Get your project ready to go, with all sources online:
    1. Start up your SlingStudio.
    2. Connect an HDMI video source, if you’re using one.
    3. Set up cameras and remote connection equipment, if using them.
    4. Set up iPhones/Android phones for use with the SlingStudio Capture app, if you’re using those.
  2. Launch the Console app on your iPad.
  3. Tap a video source so that it appears in Preview.
  4. Tap the Transitions control:
    Image of SlingStudio Console app Preview-to-Program button
  5. Several transition options appear:
    1. CUT (Simple straight cut)
    2. DISSOLVE (Dissolve from the first source to the second)
    3. WIPE (Left-to-right wipe)
    4. FADE TO BLACK (Fades current source to black immediately when you tap it; also cuts audio)
    5. TIMER (Sets transition time for Dissolve, Wipe, and Fade to Black)
  6. Tap the transition that you want.
  7. Tap Preview -> Program.

You see the preview image become the program image using the transition that you selected.