iPad Console: How do I apply overlay text to a project?

You can use SlingStudio for iPad to apply a text overlay to your SlingStudio project. Here's how.

Applying a text overlay to your project is a great way to point out specific things in your project, as well as giving it a professional touch.

To apply a text overlay to a project:

1. Get your project ready to go, with all sources online:

a. Launch the Console app on your iPad.
b. Tap a video source so that it appears in Preview.
c. Tap the Toolbar. If it is not visible, tap  SlingStudio 'three dots' (menu) button in the upper-right corner of the Preview window and select SHOW TOOLBAR.
You see the Toolbar (note that this figure labels each function in red—you don't see this in the app):

Image of SlingStudio Console app Toolbar, with annotations in red type

2. Choose Overlay text control:



Overlay text control

Place floating, superimposed text anywhere on-screen, with regular/italic/bold text, 8 colors, and varying amounts of transparency

3. An editing box appears in the Preview window.

4. Tap the editing box, edit the text as you like, and then tap Save.

5. Modify the overlay text for size, position, color, as you wish.

6. When you tap Preview -> Program, the overlay text displays in the program.