The SlingStudio device won’t power up

Having trouble powering up the SlingStudio device? Here's some help.

Normally, the SlingStudio device should power up in either of these ways:

  • If the SlingStudio is not connected to power
  • Plug the SlingStudio device in to power, or attach it to its external battery. It powers up automatically.
  • If the SlingStudio is currently off, and it is already connected to power and/or already attached to its external battery
  • Press and release the Power button to power it up.

When the SlingStudio powers up, you should see the blue LED band across the top of its enclosure blinking. It is ready to use when the blinking stops. If this does not work, then you'll need to do some checking.

If you connected the SlingStudio device to its external battery:

  • Plug the SlingStudio power supply into the SlingStudio, and then plug the power supply into a wall outlet that is known to be good. Avoid using a power strip or an AC outlet that's connected to a wall switch.
    • If the SlingStudio begins powering up with a red LED indicator on its side panel, then the battery is discharged. Allow the battery to charge for several hours until the red LED indicator turns green. You can use the SlingStudio device during this time.
    • For future reference, note that the SlingStudio Battery can be plugged in and charged separately, without connecting it to the SlingStudio device.
  • If connecting the SlingStudio device and its battery to the power supply doesn’t start the SlingStudio, then the Battery might be defective.
    • Detach the battery from the SlingStudio device.
    • Plug the power supply directly into the SlingStudio device.
    • If the SlingStudio device now powers up, then the Battery may be defective. Contact SlingStudio customer support for further assistance.

If none of these measures work, and the SlingStudio device does not start up, then the SlingStudio device itself may be defective. Contact SlingStudio customer support for further assistance.

Note: For the first 90 seconds after the SlingStudio begins the power-up process, the Power button is disabled. You cannot interrupt the startup process once it has begun. This is by design.