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Powering up your SlingStudio

It's good to know the different ways that you can power up your SlingStudio. Here's the rundown.

To power up the SlingStudio automatically:

  • Plug the SlingStudio in to power, or attach it to its external battery.

If SlingStudio is currently off and already connected to power (and/or already attached to its external battery):

  • Press and release the Power button to power it up.
    Be sure to wait until a few seconds after the blue LED band stops blinking before trying to connect to the SlingStudio hotspot.

To shut SlingStudio down:

  • Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds.

Note: For the first 90 seconds after SlingStudio begins the power-up process, the Power button is disabled. You cannot interrupt the startup process once it has begun. This is by design.