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What comes in the SlingStudio box?

The SlingStudio packaging and accessories are described below.

In the SlingStudio box, you get:

  • SlingStudio unit
  • Power supply adapter (Input: 100V–240V, 50–60Hz, Output: 30V DC)
  • HDMI Type A to Type C cable for video output

The SlingStudio Battery is sold separately for those who wish to use SlingStudio in a location where no electrical outlets are available, making SlingStudio a very portable solution that you can use anywhere you like.

In addition, the SlingStudio CameraLink and the SlingStudio USB-C Expander are sold separately for use with SlingStudio. The SlingStudio CameraLink allows your HDMI video sources to wirelessly send video to SlingStudio. With CameraLink, you can connect up to four HDMI sources wirelessly.

The SlingStudio USB-C Expander connects the USB-C port of SlingStudio to two additional USB 2.0/3.0 ports and one 1 Gbps Ethernet port.