Resetting the SlingStudio hub

What is the SlingStudio hub's reset option, and what is it useful for? Take a look here.

Performing a reset on your SlingStudio unit returns all of its settings to the defaults. It does not undo firmware updates, however.

Generally, you should not need to do this, as most problems are likely to be the result of poor Wi-Fi connections, low batteries, improperly connected devices (cables not connected), or some other problem that can be fixed fairly easily.

Also, understand that it is normal for the SlingStudio unit to take a minute or two to start up. During that time, the top (blue) LED blinks continuously. Give the SlingStudio unit at least two minutes to complete the startup process. You'll know it's ready when the blue LED stops blinking and glows continuously.

Why might you perform a reset of your SlingStudio unit?

  • You have forgotten its Wi-Fi hotspot password;
  • The SlingStudio hotspot isn't available, even after rebooting the SlingStudio several times;
  • You want to erase your settings;
  • You want to erase your settings and any content that is stored inside the SlingStudio unit itself.
  • You have been instructed to perform this operation by a SlingStudio Support representative.

Remember that there is no "undo" once you perform a reset operation on your SlingStudio unit.

To reset the SlingStudio unit:

  1. If you're currently running SlingStudio Console on your iPad or Mac computer, quit it first.
  2. Wait until the SlingStudio unit is fully booted up before resetting it.
  3. Using a straightened paper clip, press and hold the SlingStudio hub's recessed Reset button for about 10 seconds, until the SlingStudio hub's LED top band blinks orange.
    Where is the Reset button? It's recessed into a tiny hole just above the USB-C port.
  4. After about two minutes, the LED band stops blinking and glows steadily orange.
    The SlingStudio hub is now in Reset mode.
  5. Go into Settings for your iPad or Mac computer and connect the iPad's or Mac's Wi-Fi to the SlingStudio hotspot.
    Note: If you have previously changed your SlingStudio hotspot SSID to a custom name, note that the SlingStudio hotspot now appears in the Wi-Fi list as SlingStudio_nn_nn_nn (where "n" can be numbers or letters).
    Tip: On a Mac computer, if the correct hotspot SSID doesn't display in the Wi-Fi list, try turning off the Mac's Wi-Fi, waiting a few seconds, and then turning the Wi-Fi back on again to refresh the Wi-Fi list.
  6. Launch the Console app on your iPad or Mac computer.
    You should see the SlingStudio Reset Mode screen.
  7. Choose one of these options:
    1. Change SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot settings—To change the SlingStudio Wi-Fi hotspot name or hotspot password.
    2. Reset All Settings—To change all SlingStudio settings back to factory defaults.
    3. Erase All Content and Settings—To change all SlingStudio settings back to factory defaults AND erase any internally-stored content files.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Content files that you have stored on an SD card inserted into the SlingStudio hub's SD card slot, or files that you've saved to an external USB drive that you have connected to the SlingStudio via the SlingStudio USB-C Expander cable, are unaffected by this operation.
      That said: It's never a bad idea to first eject and then disconnect these devices before doing a full factory reset and erase ... and always back up your data!
    4. No, Just Restart my SlingStudio Normally—Choose this if you've changed your mind about doing any of the above three options and just want to reboot your SlingStudio in the usual way.
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process that you chose.